Megan Speers
Canzine / Broken Pencil

Canzine is tomorrow! At the Great Hall, 1087 Queen West here in Toronto, from 1-7pm.
Please note that– extremely unfortunately– this venue is not wheelchair accessible. I apologize on behalf of Broken Pencil who apparently overlooked this fact somehow…

Anyways, I’ll have copies of Wanderlust for sale, as well as all my past zines and two new ones that I’m pretty stoked on: one is a writing-based zine / rant against PETA (titled, appropriately, FUCK PETA!), and the other is much more exciting still, to me, as it’s my first foray into more (or is it less?) traditional comics. Like, with multiple frames, and words, and stuff! It’s a mini comic that is based on a really adorable craigslist missed connection ad that someone posted after the G20 protests, that is really romantic and militant and lovely. I’m interested to see how people respond to it, since I’ve never really made any “normal” comics before… just old school wordless graphic novels.

Also the Molotov Rag will be my table neighbour, and I’ll be helping out with selling their stuff… we are currently trying to raise funds to print the next issue, so if you have ever wanted to buy a copy of the Rag or some other of our fine shwag, now would be a great time!

In other news, check this out, speaking of Broken Pencil:

Comics artist Eric Uhlich did a comic style pictorial profile about me and my book in the back of the last issue of Broken Pencil. Damn cute.

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